Regular maintenance of your Wind Turbine Generator fleet is not only cost effective but will significantly increase the output of your wind turbines. A scheduled maintenance program will allow us to inspect and make any necessary repairs to your fleet when productivity is at its lowest, optimizing your operational time. This process ensures your turbines are running at their most efficient, in turn increasing your margins.

At World Energy Services we have formulated a bespoke preventative maintenance Rotor Life Program to find solutions to the problems associated with ageing wind turbine fleets, growing blade size premature rotor blade wear and increasing tip speeds.

World Energy Services provide best in class rotor blade protection along with the best uptime across South East Asia. Our bespoke programs are created to fit your individual needs and budget, our team of inspectors will assess the condition of your units and devise the correct maintenance package accordingly.  

Benefits of using one of our maintenance programs:

  • Significant reduction in downtime
  • Improved financial forecasting
  • We can access both internal and external areas of your WTG fleet
  • Our teams can be deployed within 24 across South East Asia
  • On average we complete repairs six times faster than alternative O&M providers
  • We have repair teams on-call stationed across South East Asia

Services we provide

  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Preventative & Elective Maintenance
  • Bolt Tensioning/Torqueing
  • Borescope inspections for gearboxes, main bearing, and generator
  • Generator Alignment
  • Oil and grease analysis & detailed reporting
  • Troubleshooting & repairs
  • Flexible and customized Maintenance & Service Agreements
  • Development of customized “Scheduled Maintenance” plans
  • Time & Material (T&M) support services
  • Manpower Support (Certified Wind Turbine Techs for all turbine types).