Dongfang Unveil 10MW Offshore Wind Turbine

Dongfang Unveil 10MW Offshore Wind Turbine

After several successful tests, the Chinese-based Dongfang Electric Corp. (DEC) have announced they are ready to install what they claim to be the first-ever 10MW offshore wind turbine in China. The turbine was possible after the development of direct-drive permanent-magnet generator (PMG) technology that will be used in the new super-sized turbines.

The unveiling of the prototype generator was held last week after the completion of a successful test program at the OEM’s factory located in the Deyang, Sichuan province. This is a notable landmark in China as they become “capable of developing and manufacturing super-sized offshore PMG turbines,” a DEC statement said.

According to a statement released by DEC, the generator will be shipped to the coastal province of Fujian and installed on the Xinhua Bay project becoming China’s first 10MW wind turbine. The 90-metre blades (B900A) to accompany the turbine went into production in July earlier this year at DEC’s Tianjin manufacturing facility and are the longest to be produced by a Chinese blade-maker.

Dongfang Launch 10MW Offshore Wind Turbine

The race is on, as many Chinese-based OEM’s scramble to develop double-digit turbine units that are on par with the leading international manufacturers, Siemens Gamesa, MHI Vestas and GE for example. As of now, DEC seems to be leading the race as in 2018 the company was the first to secure an IEC certification from the China Quality Certification Center for their 10MW turbine design.

In pursuit of DEC’s crown is Beijing-headquartered Goldwind who last year unveiled their 8MW prototype that uses 85.6-meter blades built by blade supplier Sinoma, a central government-administered enterprise.  Mingyang Smart Energy (MYSE), based in Guangdong recently delivered a 7.25MW turbine to the market and has begun development of a 10MW version.

As of now, China’s largest turbine is an 8MW unit produced by Shanghai Electric, the Chinese multinational power generation and electrical equipment manufacturing company. The turbine is based on Siemens Gamesa technology and was unveiled in early August 2019 at the Shanghai Electric factory in Shantou, Guangdong.